About Us

Welcome to EGMCA's Student Community Service Program!

Community service and volunteerism are an investment in our communities, be it local or global, and the people who live in them. Regardless of age or experience, you can make a difference because every person counts!

To help you decide on a meaningful community service project, take a few moments to reflect on the challenges society faces today. Next, consider your interests. Use this information to research and sift through the many philanthropic possibilities available. This personal connection you establish will inspire, motivate, and shape the direction of your community service project involvement.

· Is there a current EGMCA student-led community service project aligned with your charitable passion that you would support through volunteer service?

· Would you like to create and lead a charitable project to aid or solve a challenging or problem situation you identified?

EGMCA’s Student Community Service Program can help you make that unique positive impact only you can deliver.

We hope this handbook is a useful guide as you explore the rewarding pursuits of a life lived in community service. There is so much to gain – pride in accomplishing a goal, fulfillment in helping the community, increased self-esteem, and clarification of personal values. We look forward to helping you develop a rewarding and life-long love of charitable works and an indelible imprint of compassion on the world around us.

We pursue our mission by: Empowering today's youth.. Building tomorrow's leaders!

Our Mission

· To encourage our youth and young adults to identify ways to benefit people in need, the youth population in the community and other charitable organizations.

· To empower our youth and young adults with the confidence to create practical solutions to solve or alleviate the needs they have identified within the local or global community.

· To encourage our youth and young adults to create and/or support enrichment activities and events of their choosing that benefit various populations of people in the community, e.g. school-age children and young adults, the elderly, the underprivileged, etc.

· To impart the value of leadership and community service to the youth and young adults of today.

· To develop in our youth and young adults confidence, self-esteem, leadership, responsibility, and a desire to always give back and serve.

· To offer various charitable volunteer opportunities for youth and young adults to gain hands-on experience in various areas and levels of responsibility while learning interpersonal and group cooperation.

· To provide any necessary resources and support required for the success of each approved EGMCA community service project proposal, within the means of EGMCA.

· To educate our youth and young adults on how to set goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, and execute their plan so that they ultimately realize the goals set, especially for their approved EGMCA community service project.

· To provide actual funds and/or fundraising opportunities to support each approved EGMCA community service project.

· To develop project, time, and money management skills in our youth and young adults through community service and sponsored workshops.